Help us build a
new place to
serve more youth and families

A new facility will offer space to learn new skills, study, and receive mental health services in one place.

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The building design creates a village experience

The design concept developed by PHH partner Bettisworth North increases program capacity and offers the opportunity to develop new programming and services. The building placement takes advantage of the views along the Chena River and makes the most of the sunlight throughout the year.

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The building design contains environmental and sustainability features

Building orientation

maximizes the building’s south-facing surface area to collect the Alaskan sunlight

High insulation values

are captured with a tight thermal envelope

Rainwater catchment

is an efficient method to water the building gardens

Rooftop solar panels

generate electricity and warm water during the summer and shoulder seasons

Clerestory windows

enable daylight to penetrate the building interior

Summer shade winter light

is maximized with several large trees in landscaping plans

Energy-recovering ventilation

saves energy by exchanging heat from outgoing air to incoming air

Renewal resource heating

with a masonry heater hearth for energy efficiency

Exterior window shades

eliminate excessive summer heat gain on south and west facades

A basketball court-size multipurpose room for indoor events

The building will offer a place for youth and their families to exercise and interact socially and allow the youth to practice the skills they learn. This space can also accommodate projection equipment for meetings and events. It also features a large hangar door that opens onto south-facing outdoor areas.

Visitor accommodations for remote and rural family visits

The new building will feature rooms and a shared bathroom for PHH youth families. It’s a more comfortable option when traveling is necessary to do family work. These rooms will be offered at no cost to families, and is an amenity not typically offered by other treatment programs.

A garage & small machine shop to learn vocational skills

The garage will be used to maintain the PHH vehicle fleet and ground equipment, and offers an opportunity for program participants to learn valuable vocational skills.