Shaping healthy members of society, one child at a time

The Presbyterian Hospitality House provides an environment for youth to learn the academic, social, and life skills they need to be a part of a healthy community. We employ a research-based approach that utilizes positive reinforcement and adult role models to demonstrate the necessary skills to youth, creating a sense of safety and worthiness among them.

What we’re up against


Alaskans suffer from almost double the rate of alcohol-induced mortality than any other US state


Alaskan youth have 250% more suicide attempts than anywhere in the US


The Alaskan rate of chronic homelessness is greater than any US state.

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At PHH, we work with youth who are experiencing mental health disorders as a result of family trauma and addiction-related issues.

Alcohol and drug abuse results in increased emergency room visits, incarceration, early deaths, and impacts to child development and mental health.

PHH youth can suffer from depression, and anxiety

Each youth undergoes a behavioral health assessment as a part of program intake. A treatment plan outlines the recommended steps, sessions, and requirements that is used to track progress of our kids.

PHH programs help reduce homelessness.

PHH prepares youth to live on their own by teaching daily and independent living skills. There is a greater risk of homelessness to our youth because they're prone to falling victim to human trafficking. For example, Anchorage has the highest reported prevalence of human trafficking out of 10 US cities, including New York and Oakland.

PHH teaches youth life skills in a family setting

We believe that we will change the world by helping every PHH youth self-regulate and interact with peers and authorities.

We have the vision, the skilled providers, and a research-based approach paired with 65 years of experience.

We can demonstrate better outcomes than traditional psychiatric or judicial institutional systems with cost efficiencies.

Our ImpactImpact

Be a part of building
a new safe space
for healing

A new facility in Fairbanks will create an expanded space for the treatment and socialization of both youth and their families. PHH will be able offer a new space for youth to study, exercise, interact, and access mental health services, as well as family accommodations at no cost to families. It will be a productive space for PHH staff, teaching parents, and families to work together for the best outcomes for each youth.

Want to learn more about our program? Download our brochure.

PHH envisions an exciting and inspiring future expanding our services with a new facility, new prevention services, and improved access for Alaska Native children and their families.
— Ty Tigner
Executive director

66 years of experience caring for Alaskan youth

In 1957, Mrs. Mable Rasmussen opened her home to girls coming from rural Alaskan communities as a safe place to start out in the Fairbanks community.  These girls are now teachers, legislators, and leaders of their communities. Today PHH is a ‘faith-friendly’ traditional foster care program, not an affiliated religious program. Like Mrs. Rasmussen, PHH creates safe spaces for Alaskan youth to rest, heal, and be successful as a part of Alaskan society.